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Advocacy & Leadership Development

Annual Awards Celebration

The NADCYM has had a long history in recognizing the participation and leadership of youth and adults who volunteer and share their gifts and talents in youth ministry.  Every spring we acknowledge these groups of youth and adults at our annual Awards Celebration.  We also award 3 scholarships to graduating seniors as well.

CJ Smith Fellowship
Thanks to the generosity of family and friends of CJ Smith, a young man active in youth ministry in his teens before he passed away of cancer in 1975, his spirit lives on through the CJ Smith Fellowship.  For the past nine summers we have provided an opportunity for a college aged Catholic who is interested in a career to serve young people and/or the Church to learn about it first hand.  For 3 months they assist the deanery office as well as our deanery parishes in the implementation of various programming for young people and discover the blessings of church work and ministry to young people.

Deanery Athletic Committee
Athletic Ministry is an integral part of the ministry of NADCYM.  To assist us in the implementation of a Christ-Centered athletic ministry, is the DAC, a group of men and women representing our various parishes and Providence Jr High.  The role of the DAC is to serve as a liaison between NADCYM and Parish Athletic Committees to ensure effective communication, implementation and evaluation of athletics.

Deanery Youth Ministry Commission
This group of adults serves as advocates for youth & young adult ministry in our parishes and throughout the deanery.  Meeting monthly they provide guidance, affirmation and support of the ministry and vision of the NADCYM and all of its ministries and programming.  Members serve a 3 year term and ideally we have representation from all of our deanery parishes.

Parish Consultations
NADCYM staff is available to meet with parishes individually to assist in program development, in-service for commissions and planning teams, and Search Process for Hiring a Youth Minister.

Special Religious Education
For 25 plus years NADCYM has offered a religious education program for young people with special needs.  Administered and implemented by a volunteer, the program runs through out the school year and includes catechetical sessions, and annual retreat and sacramental preparation.

Volunteer Screening

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis has initiated a convenient new online training program for adults on protecting children from harm. The training builds awareness of how to recognize and report physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, and child sexual abuse. Safe and Sacred replaces the Virtus program and offers broader content and easier access to training.

The training is available in English and Spanish 24 hours per day, 7 days per week atwww.safeandsacred-archindy.org it takes about 45 minutes to complete and can be done in parts. As of August 1, 2013, all new clergy, employees, and volunteers who have contact with children must complete the Safe and Sacred program before beginning ministry, work, or volunteer service. Current clergy, employees, and volunteers will re-certify starting in January 2014.

More Details, click your status…NEW Clergy, Employee or Volunteer … CURRENT Clergy, Employee or Volunteer

Work of Angels Campaign
The official title of NADCYM’s development efforts, the Work of Angels Campaign consists of an annual dinner each fall with an invitation for folks to pledge their support of Catholic Youth Ministries.  Working with Table Hosts we gather 250-300 folks who celebrate our work and continue their financial support for our ministry efforts.  We also do a mail follow up to over 9000 people who have participated in some aspect of deanery ministry over the years, inviting them to support our efforts through prayer and financial support.

Youth Ministries Activities Team
The Leadership development of young people is a true gift and passion of the NADCYM.  YMAT is made up of 15 youth from various parishes in our deanery who serve as advocates for youth ministry in their parishes and the deanery and assist in the implementation of various deanery events and programs.  YMAT serve as retreat leaders, YM speakers, program leaders and they design, plan, implement and evaluate the Middle School Jamboree.  Applications are taken in spring for the upcoming year.

Athletic Ministry

The NADCYM provides a Christ-centered, faith-based athletic ministry for all of our parishes to participate in.  The athletic programs offered cover a variety of sports and are for youth in grades 3 – 12.   The unique aspect about our athletic ministry is that some sports are coordinated through the parishes and parish teams are fielded.  Some sports are coordinated through the NADCYM office and a Southern Indiana Catholic team is fielded for those sports where individual teams cannot be fielded on a parish basis.   Some sports are coordinated through a specific parish but open to other parishes as well.  The following sports are offered Basketball (3-12), Cross Country, Football (5-8), Golf, Soccer (3-8), Girls Softball (7-8) ,Swimming (6-8), Tennis (6-8), Track (5-8), Volleyball (5-12)

Coaches Orientation
An excellent evening of training, the Coaches Orientation assists in communicating the values and goals of our Athletic Ministry to all of our coaches and athletic volunteers.  Mission and goals, fostering a Christ-centered program, how to incorporate spirituality in athletics and still be competitive, coaching techniques to build up kids not tear them down and much more is covered in this training.

Family Ministry

Holiday World
Spend a day with family and friends from Southern Indiana during Catholic Youth Ministries Holiday World Trip.  Open to all youth, young adults, and families – head to Santa Claus , IN for a fun-filled day at the Amusement Park and Water Park.  If you are in middle school or high school and not going with your family, you need to register through your parish youth ministry program.  For families or young adults you can purchase your tickets directly through the Catholic Youth Ministry Office.  Our Holiday World trip is traditionally offered during the first week of July!

Kings Island
Offered by our Archdiocesan CYO office,  this long standing tradition is offered the last Wednesday in July.  Join over 2000 Catholics from central and southern Indiana for a great time at Kings Island Amusement Park outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Local parishes coordinate this trip for their parishes or you can purchase tickets directly through the CYO office in Indianapolis.

Lenten Family & Friends Gathering
Our first effort was during the 2010 Lenten season.  We hope to continue to offer this gathering in future years.  The NADCYM partners with Providence High School and a deanery parish in bringing in a National Speaker, Musician, Story teller, Performer to share a Lenten message that will inspire youth and families.   We hope to offer a Lenten Family & Friends Night in each of the three counties in the years to come with the event being hosted by a Clark County parish, a Floyd County parish, and a Harrison County parish during the same weekend.

Mt St Francis Day of Service
Open to all youth, young adults, and families this morning of service is traditionally held on the Saturday before Easter.  From 9:00 -12:00 volunteers assist with a spring clean up of the grounds and any special projects the Mount might have for the group.  Mt St Francis is very generous to NADCYM in the use of their facilities and the support of programs and ministry – this is way we pay back our gratitude to them – many hands makes for light work!

Paoli Peaks Ski Trip
A great way to start Christmas break; NADCYM’s annual Paoli Peak Ski Trip is offered the third Monday of December, provided there is snow!!  This trip is open to youth, young adults and families.  Middle School & High School youth need to register through your parish youth ministry.  Young Adults and families can register directly with the Catholic Youth Ministries office.

Wolfe Pack – Appalachia Mission Trip
Serving others is the core of Catholic Social Teaching and NADCYM will be coordinating 2 different weeks during the summers by sending crews to Campton, Kentucky.  Located in Wolfe County, one of the poorest in the state, we join the ministry efforts of the Sisters who serve Good Shepherd Parish.  The sisters do amazing outreach to the community – rehabilitating housing, running a thrift store, food pantry, prayer groups for cancer survivors,  Seed Programs for gardening… and so much more!   We hope to offer a couple of family weekends throughout the upcoming year to continue our outreach throughout the year.

High School

Faith in Action
Faith in Action (FIA) is an amazing faith-filled week of service for high school youth where they can explore, experience, and share their Catholic faith through prayer, reflection and service to others.   FIA is a mission trip right here in our own backyard with all of the service being done in Harrison, Clark and Floyd counties.  FIA is open to incoming Freshman – Seniors.  Our home base is Mt St Francis and we send out works crews every morning to work with Hispanic Ministry and their Vacation Bible School, work with the elderly at various nursing homes, work with youth at Boys & Girls clubs or other agencies serving the community.  It is a week of simplicity – simple living, simple eating, leave technology behind.  Evenings are spent in community with socials, prayer experiences, reflection and sharing.  FIA is now being offered every summer, the last week of June.

Indianapolis Catholic Youth Conference (ICYC)
Formerly called the Archdiocesan Youth Conference or Youth Rally, ICYC  is  a faith-filled day for high school youth to learn about their faith and celebrate being Catholic.  Join hundreds of other Catholic teens for a day filled with amazing stories of faith, breakout sessions that really tackle the issues facing teens,  a spirit-filled liturgy,  and social time to hang out with old friends and meet new ones!  This event is sponsored by our Archdiocesan Youth Ministry Office.  Deanery parishes coordinate the trip to ICYC for their high school youth.

National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC)
NCYC is sponsored by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry and is hosted bi-annually across the United States.   NCYC is the faith-experience for high school youth – 3 days filled with uplifting speakers, workshops, prayer, music, an experiential thematic park with hundreds of exhibits and activities to learn about your faith and so much more!  General sessions include 20,000 plus Catholic Teens, including the Closing liturgy on Saturday gathered together for one thing – to praise our God!   Imagine a stadium filled with 20,000 + Catholic teens celebrating their Catholic faith.  The energy and acceptance of one another is so spirit-filled, it will leave you in awe!  The next NCYC will be hosted in Indianapolis in November of 2011.

A ministry provided for many years, retreats have long been a key component in helping young people deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and living that relationship out in their Catholic Faith Community.   Our retreats include Peer Leadership, Faith ReMix, Catholic 101, Divin’ In, The Journey and Christian Awakening (Senior Retreat).  The retreats are directed and led by a trained team of adults and youth and offered throughout the year.  For details on the specifics of the various retreat themes and components, check out our website.

Wolfe Pack – Appalachia Mission Trip
Serving others is the core of Catholic Social Teaching and NADCYM will be coordinating 2 different weeks during the summer to send a crew to Campton, Kentucky.  Located in Wolfe County, one of the poorest in the state, we join the ministry efforts of the Sisters who serve Good Shepherd Parish.  The sisters do amazing outreach to the community – rehabilitating housing, running a thrift store, food pantry, prayer groups for cancer survivors, Seed Programs for gardening… and so much more!   We join them for a week of serving the Appalachia community and helping them in their ministries.  The Mission Trips includes service, prayer, reflection and sharing and building community with those we serve and with one another.

Youth Masses
Many parishes in our deanery have high school youth actively participating in parish liturgies.  Four times a year we gather with deanery teens to celebrate Eucharist and being a part of the young church.  Deanery parishes volunteer to host the masses.  Their high school youth help plan the mass they are hosting and also coordinate some type of social afterwards for everyone.

Middle School Ministry

Belle of Louisville Cruise
All aboard!  A tried and true tradition of the New Albany Deanery for over 35 years, this dance cruise is for middle school youth and is offered mid-June every year.  The 3 hour cruise on the Ohio river on board the steamboat operated Belle includes dancing, games, scavenger hunt and meeting new friends, It’s a great event for youth & adults alike.

A fun, faith-filled day for middle school youth, the jamboree is planned, coordinated and implemented by our deanery high school leadership team, YMAT (Youth Ministries Activities Team) and the Catholic Youth Ministries staff.   A great regional or national speaker,  break out sessions led by our high school youth, Liturgy, dancing, games and plenty of snacks and food; the Jamboree offers middle school youth a chance to learn about their faith, share their faith and celebrate their faith with old friends and new friends.

Quarterly Social or Service Activity
Working with parish youth ministry leaders, each quarter a deanery junior high event is offered.  Planned and coordinated by our parish youth ministers and/or CYM staff, these activities include Jamboree, Broom Ball, Movie Morning, and Spring Luau

Summer Daze
Community Life, Prayer & Worship, Justice & Service, Catechesis, Leadership Development and Evangelization… Summer Daze has it all for middle school youth.  Offered on Tuesdays during the month of July it is a collaborative effort with parishes and the deanery office.  With parts of the program facilitated by high school youth, the Summer daze participants gather at their parishes in the morning for prayer and then head to various service sites coordinated by their youth ministry, have lunch and then gather for a deanery wide social which is coordinated by the office.  We typically have @250 youth involved in Summer Daze.

Training & Formation

Archdiocesan Certificate in Youth Ministry
Coordinated and implemented by our Archdiocesan staff in the Office of Catholic Education, this certification covers an in-depth study of the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults and 6 courses from the DRE Skills Series training courses.  A solid foundation in theology enhances all of our ministry efforts and this program enables youth ministry leaders to grow in their theological understanding of the church.

Confirmation / Religious Education Consultation

A resource for all of our parishes, NADCYM staff is available to assist in the development of your parish’s Middle school and High School Faith Formation program and your parish’s preparation for Confirmation through direct consultation or sharing of resources available.

National Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies
After an absence of almost 5 years from the Archdiocese, the National Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies sponsored by the Center for Ministry Development will now be hosted by St Meinrad College and Seminary.  An excellent training for full-time, part-time, paid or volunteer youth ministry leaders, the certificate program consists of 8 weekends of study exploring Leadership Development and the 8 components of youth ministry articulated and identified in the USCCB document Renewing the Vision – a Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry.  Contact the NADCYM Office for details and possible financial assistance.

Commission for Youth Ministry Training
The director of NADCYM is available to come to individual parishes in the deanery to provide training for parish youth ministry commissions.   The training includes covering topics such as Roles and Responsibilities, Overseeing youth ministry, Finances, Goverance issues, how to develop and implement an effective youth ministry, overseeing a Search Process for hiring a Youth minister and any other needs parishes have in connection with their youth ministry.

Planning Teams for Youth Ministry Training
The director of NADCYM is available to come to individual parishes in the deanery to provide training  to develop youth ministry activities/planning teams.  The training includes invitation and recruitment of volunteers, developing a vision, developing a team , project leaders and implementing a holistic ministry for young people in their parish.   The training centers on the USCCB document Renewing the Vision- a Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry.

National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry (NCCYM)
NCCYM is offered bi-annually by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry in various dioceses across the United States.  Held opposite years of NCYC – a national gathering for youth – NCCYM is the largest gathering of Catholic adults who work in ministry with young people.  A great time to get away to renew the spirit through vibrant prayer and worship experiences, sharpen the saw with the latest trends in effective youth ministry, network with Catholic youth leaders from around the country… NCCYM is the boost you to need to keep the faith!  Open to all adults who work with youth – paid or volunteered, catechist, chaperone, coach, troop leader !  The next NCCYM will be in New Orleans, LA December 9-12, 2010.  Check out www.nfcym.org for more info or to register.

YM Networking
The NADCYM office gathers with Deanery Youth Ministry leadership 4 times a year to network and share information about upcoming programs and events.  The gatherings include sharing a meal, time for prayer and sharing, a brief in-service or training, office news and updates and parish’s news and updates.   These gatherings are for the Youth Ministry Leader in each parish throughout the deanery.

Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club is an in-depth faith sharing gathering for youth ministry leaders.  Meeting once a month at the Bean Street Café in Highlander point, we gather to share faith and life and connect with one another in our journeys with Christ, the Catholic Faith, and in ministry.

Youth Ministry Day of Reflection
The NADCYM office offers a morning or day of reflection for youth ministry leaders every fall.  It’s a time to get away and recharge and renew the spirit.

Young Adult Ministry (College Age)

College Retreat
Held over Christmas break, college age young adults are invited to an overnight retreat to reconnect and recharge their faith.  It is also a great time to reconnect with friends of faith who have gone on to other colleges and are also back home to visit.

College Visits
NADCYM staff and local youth ministers take a road trip to visit students from the New Albany Deanery who are attending regional colleges and universities in Indiana and Kentucky.  They coordinate with the Catholic ministry on campus to provide a time for social gathering and common prayer.  The visits are meant to not only reconnect with students, but also encourage them to become involved with their on-campus Catholic community.

Good Friday Pilgrimage
College-age students are invited to make a pilgrimage to St. Meinrad Archabbey on Good Friday.  Sharing in the rich, Benedictine liturgical tradition, the students commemorate one of the holiest days of the year.

IUS Catholic Campus Community
The Catholic Campus Community is the Catholic student organization at Indiana University Southeast.  It gathers IUS students for small group faith sharing other activities that promote a Catholic presence on campus.

Spring Break Day of Service
Many college-age students return home to the New Albany Deanery for Spring Break.  The day of service is a coordinated to give those students a chance to make a difference for one afternoon during their break at a local social service agency here in Harrison, Clark or Floyd County.

Summer Gatherings
May – August the NADCYM coordinates regular gatherings and activities for college young adults to participate in while they are back home.  These events include cookouts, Ultimate Frisbee, softball,  River Bat games and more!

Young Adult Ministry (22 – 39)

Monthly Social
Led by our Deanery Young Adult Committee, monthly social events are offered for young adults through out the deanery.  River Bats game, Wine tasting at Huber’s Winery, Card & Game Night, Downs after Dark, Advent reflection, Co-ed Volleyball, Fat Tuesday Party and more…. An informal time to gather and renew friendships or meet new friends!

Monday Night Bible Study
Bro. Bob Baxter from the Mount St. Francis Center for Spirituality hosts a series of Monday Night Bible Studies throughout the year.  While the studies are open to the general public, young adult comprise about 1/3 of the participants.  This is a great resource for young adult Catholics eager to learn more about Scripture.

Young Adult Conference
The Young Adult Conference is a day for young adults in the New Albany Deanery and area to hear keynote speakers and attend break out sessions that apply to the challenges unique to their life situations.  Held during the Lenten season, it is a great time for faith formation and personal development, as well as a chance to meet their peers and get connected to other young adults in the area.

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