Our Mission

Our mission is to connect adolescents and young adults in Harrison, Clark and Floyd counties to a living relationship with Jesus Christ in their Catholic faith.

We accomplish this through:

  • Ministry to youth and young adults
  • Services to parish leadership
  • Fostering parish and community collaboration in youth ministry
Our Programs & Services


How You Can Support Us

Please, choose to be an Angel today and make a donation to Catholic Youth Ministries – we truly can’t do it without you!

“I just want a place where I feel like I belong and can be me!” is often a comment heard from youth and young adults at retreats, mission trips and other events offered by Catholic Youth Ministries.   Our mission is to help connect these youth and young adults to a living relationship with Jesus Christ in their Catholic faith.

We are able to do this through the support of many angels here in southern Indiana who give of their time, talent and treasure.  Through their generosity we are able to provide the many services to our Catholic parishes here in Clark, Floyd and Harrison counties.

The Work of Angels is the New Albany Deanery Catholic Youth Ministries annual fundraising campaign.  We kick the campaign off each fall with our annual dinner and then follow up with letters and phone calls inviting participants in our programs and the Catholic community to offer their support through a pledge and donation.  The Work of Angels campaign generates 20% of our revenue, with parish subsidies and programming being the other primary sources.  We are able to do what we do because of the continued success of the Work of Angels campaign.

We also have dreams and hopes for the future… Expanding our college ministry and our young adult ministry… Identifying key ways we can better resource and serve our parishes… strengthening our athletic ministry with retreat days for athletes, coaches , fans and parents…  the dreams are endless!

logoOur Logo

The Cross is the symbol of our shared faith, the sign of our redemption and the challenge to live out Christ’s message of love. It is in this sign that we are called to be a witness of faith.

The horizontal arm of this cross is formed by a branch with four leaves. There is rich symbolism here: from the cross comes new growth, a realization that we need to continually grow in faith.

The leaves represent the four interlocking dimensions of Catholic Youth Ministry: Community, Message, Service, and Celebration.

Serving as background is the circle, symbolic of the unity of the parishes of the Deanery in providing for total youth Ministry. As we collaborate and work together as a deanery community we are able to reach out to more of our young people than any of us could do on our own.

The circle is divided into several sections which symbolizes the many parts of the one Body of Christ which we are. The leaves break forth, a reminder that we are called to be a people who continually reach out to those in need and proclaim God’s kingdom here in our midst.

Our Logo was created by Jerry Finn, the organization’s first director and by the artist, Ray Day, in 1985 and is shared by our Aquinas Center neighbor, the Deanery Catechetical Ministry Office.

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