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New Albany Deanery Catholic Youth Ministries

provides programs and services to the Catholic parishes of Clark, Floyd and Harrison counties in Indiana. We serve families, youth and young adults by providing services for them to develop and nurture a relationship with Jesus Christ that is lived out in the Catholic faith community!


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High School Wolfe Pack

Posted June 20, 2017 By Mary Pettit

We Are and We Serve The Beloved

The crew is fresh back from the High School Wolfe Pack Mission Trip to Campton, KY where we served with Good Shepherd Catholic Church community to rebuild homes and relationships of the community.  Our crew of 40+ worked hard, played hard and reconnected with the good folks who welcome us each year to be a part of their lives.  Here is a snippet of some of the good times that we had after a hard day of work.  For more pictures and comments on the trip, check out our Facebook page!  Thanks to everyone for your committed service. 



Athletics Events & Programs

Posted June 7, 2017 By Mary Pettit

Tennis Camp


Register by NOON June 26th (to receive a t-shirt).

Coach John Boesing, Brian Fisher and Todd Popson will be directing the camp.

Contact Catholic Youth Ministries Office 812-923-8355 for more information.

2017-18 SIC Tennis Camp Registration Form

SIC 2017-2018 Coaching Opportunities

Are you a great instructor of boys?  Do you have the urge to coach and lead teams in tennis and wrestling?  Do you have a desire to build on programs with the Providence High School coaches?

Are you 21 years of age and have you completed the training required for NADCYM sports programs?

Head Coach for Boys’ Tennis & Boys’ Wrestling

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest, detailing their coaching experience, as an email to or mail to:
New Albany Deanery Catholic Youth Ministries 
101 St Anthony Drive
Mt St Francis, IN 47146

Call 812-923-8355 for more information.

Coaches’ Orientation

We will be hosting our first Coaches’ Orientation on

July 9th, 2017 at Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

6:30 pm in the Cafeteria.

NADCYM Catholic Coaches Orientation is a one time training, specializing in coaching for Catholic youth sports and is intended for new and returning coaches who have never completed the training.   There is no cost to attend a session.

This is the deadline for those coaching 2017 3-8 Volleyball, SIC Football, SIC Cheerleading, & SIC Boys Tennis.

Please download the following form and send it in to pre-register.  Pre-registration is not a requirement; yet it allows us to have materials ready for all.  

Call our office at 812-923-8355 with questions or email Jenn Murphy.

2017-2018 Coaches Orientation Flyer

Fall Sports Registration

We are currently taking registrations for all SIC Football and Cheerleading sports teams.  Practice for football will begin in July and the season begins in August.

  •  SIC Football is open to boys 7-8 grade attending deanery schools or whose family are registered members of a deanery parisSIC Cheerleading is open to girls 5-8 attending deanery schools or whose family are registered members of a deanery parish.
  • SIC Cheerleading is open to girls 5-8 attending deanery schools or whose family are registered members of a deanery parish.

Download the registration forms below and for complete registration information contact Athletics Coordinator Jenn Murphy .



Parent Information Form:

2017_service_detail_form (1)


Caffeine for the Soul HS Summer Bible Study

Posted June 5, 2017 By Mary Pettit

Like coffee?  Like conversation?

We are addicted to getting together to plug into scripture!

Join us summer Saturdays to chat over some great readings.  Bring a journal, pen and your bible.  We are meeting at Bean Street Cafe, 101 Lafollette Station Drive, Floyd Knobs.

 Contact Jessica Julius ( or Jennifer Woolfolk for more information or to be added to a contact list.  Latte, anyone?


5K Friar Run

Posted May 22, 2017 By Mary Pettit

Runners Results from 5K

First Last Age Place Time
Justin McWilliams 13 1 20:02
Benjamin Cortas 17 2 20:15
Jacob Schrecker 20 3 20:35
Zach Driskell 18 4 22:02
Logan Applewhite 15 5 22:38
Kaylee McClanahan 25 6 22:47
Miles Huff 15 7 23:02
Mattie Whitworth 10 8 24:14
Ryan Thompson 29 9 24:16
Zack Henry 18 10 24:18
Natalie Clare 14 11 24:46
Joe Walker 50 12 24:57
Sydney Baxter 14 13 25:22
Ian Hall 40 14 25:27
Jerry Doyle 50 15 25:98
Jesse Eichhorn 27 16 26:20
Mike Campbell 45 17 26:27
Jason   43 18 26:30
Lauren Crowe 21 19 26:53
Preston Eger 12 20 26:54
Andrew Henderson 15 21 28:21
LayLa Davis 11 22 28:21
Elizabeth Applewhite 9 23 28:25
Josh Fogle 12 24 28:43
Rachel Jewell 16 25 29:43
Niki Dallaire 19 26 29:44
Dave Withers 57 27 29:55
Michael Eger 50 28 29:58
Shawn Snapp 36 29 29:59
Keith Henderson 56 30 32:01
Trey Pinter 8 31 33:00
Laura Pinter 37 32 33:01
Robin Thompson 28 33 33:58
Macy Korfhage 18 34 34:25
John Fulkerson 37 35 35:19
Justice Sheets 15 36 35:24
Ted Gobbel 44 37 35:27
Anne Fogle 42 38 36:28
Linda Applewhite 48 39 36:45
Gracie Vanover 15 40 38:15
      41 38:16
Joshua Grimaud 34 42 39:06
Christy Grimaud 30 43 39:07
Damian Eve 18 44 39:50
Macie Stockton 14 45 40:10
Claire Elmore 16 46 40:18
Michael Schnieders 18 47 40:19
Rick Wardrip 66 48 40:28
Linda Hunt 64 49 43:08
Miranda Pyles 15 50 43:10
      51 43:40
Elle Pendleton 7 52 44:56
      53 44:57
Jen Heil 40 54 45:02
Christina Sands 38 55 45:03
Patrick Murta 50 56 46:09
Leanna Gatton 16 57 48;16
Eyruselem Jones 17 58 48:17
Tess Rutherford 15 59 49:01
Michele Kruer 41 60 49:26
Missy Schenck 47 61 49:27
      62 52:40
      63 52:41
Cynde Lipke 56 64 52:42
Martin Lipke 59 65 52:43
Abbie Austin 16 66 56:03
Avery Wohlleb 18 67 56:04
Danasha Lathrop 62 68 57:33
Rob & Angie   69 57:34
Sauer     70 59:21
family and     71 60:40
friends     72 60:48
      73 60:48
      74 60:48
      75 60:48
      76 60:48
      77 60:48
      78 60:48
      79 60:48
      80 60:48
      81 60:48
      82 60:48
      83 66:39
      84 66:40

Awards Celebration

Posted May 4, 2017 By Mary Pettit

Awards Celebration 

May 11, 2017

Mt. St. Francis Chapel


2017 Recipients

 Thursday, May 11th we celebrated and honored our Deanery youth and ministers.  We recognized CAITLYN FREVILLE  as CJ Smith Service Above Self scholarship recipient, CHRIS ESCOBEDO as Fr. Tom Stumph Excellence in Leadership recipient, and LUKE MALONE  as the Dean Kraemer Spirit of Hope scholarship recipient.  Time and Talent recognition to the YMAT seniors Emily Koetter, Chloe Bandy, Cameron Higdon, Hannah Huber, Abby Huff, Justine Oppelt, Luciana Sandoval and Jordan Sellmer.   Service, and Faithful Involvement recipients from St. Anthony’s Noah Elsner, Caitlyn Freville, Courtney Heselschwerdt, Rylee Pitzer, and Jacqueline Richard; St. Mary’s New Albany Marco Camacho Palacios, Chris Escobedo, Manuel Hernandez, Laura Huerta, Willy Roblero, Luciana Sandoval, Elizabeth Scharre, and Max Segoviano; St. Mary’s Navilleton’s  Sarah Easton, Mandy Ellis, Luke Malone, John Moss, Joseph Naville, Grace Reising, Luis Romines, Makenzie Smith; St. John Starlight’s Emily Koetter, Peter Lonnemann, Olivia Nash, Gabe Schmidt; St. Michael Bradford’s Jenna Ford, Svitlana Wilhite, Haylie Wilhite and Cameron Higdon.  From St. Mary Lanesville we recognized Joseph Brann, Klaire Henke, Bradley Philpot and Nia Tomes; St. Mary of the Knobs recipients were Evan Messmer, Sophie Palmer, Garrett Popp, Jimmy Quenichet, Luke Schroering, Catie Simons, and Ragan Williams; Holy Family’s  Caroline Abell, Reid Carter, Jared Eichenberger, Adam Ernstberger, Aly Griffith, Abby Huff, Chloe Reisinger; St. John Paul II’s  Luke Baker, Trenton Dethy, Amanda Goodridge, Lindsey Kruer, Jordan Sellmer, Mary Stokelman.  Outstanding Leadership and Service recipients were LAURA HUERTA, JENNA FORD, ABBY HUFF, PETER LONNEMANN, EVAN MESSMER, LUKE MALONE, SOPHIA PALMER and JOSEPH NAVILLE.  St. John Bosco Awards went to Maria Shepard, Tim Book and Don Osterhoudt.  Congratulations to all our outstanding youth and adults in the New Albany Deanery.



High School Mission Opportunity

Posted December 19, 2016 By Mary Pettit


Faith in Action  

If you are interested in service experiences and are a high school student, we are now registering for a great opportunity for you to jump into to.  

Faith in Action

4 days of service for high-school teens with hands-on experience in reaching out to our community .  True to it’s name, Faith in Action gives you the opportunity to make concrete connections between love of God and love of neighbor.  Each year we reach out to local charities to work with them to contribute to the service of those who may have challenges in their lives where they require assistance.  We design projects for practical application of social justice and the promotion of human dignity.  

July 9-13, 2017

Mt. St. Francis Retreat Center

Final Registration Deadline is JUNE 26th

For more information go to our High School Ministry page.



Work of Angels 2016 Campaign Update

Posted September 23, 2016 By Sandy


So you are in college…..

Posted August 23, 2016 By Mary Pettit

Welcome Summer!!


Fiesta time!  

Time to get together and check in with what everyone is up to.  FRIDAYS JUNE 23, JULY 7, 21 & AUGUST 11 at the Kraft Pool House starting at 4pm with Taco bar dinner at 5pm.

 Lots of time to swim, hang out poolside and munch!  A $3 donation would be appreciated towards food costs.

contact Jennifer  or call 812-923-8355 for more information.


Let’s get packing! 


Come along for a summer adventure

exploring great treasures of faith.

Begins June 7th

Wednesday evenings


Catholic Youth Ministries Office

Emily and Rachel Naville will lead the study.  Enter through the end door at Youth Center, lower level at Mt. St. Francis.


Keep College Students Connected!

Have you a son or daughter attending college?  Catholic Youth Ministries would love to keep them connected to the Catholic community by updating them on college ministry opportunities.  Email with your son or daughter’s name, email address, school mailing address, and contact number so they can receive information on retreats, service opportunities, and gatherings!  Call our office, 812-923-8355 if you have questions.

College social group


safe and sacred buttonThe Archdiocese of Indianapolis has initiated a convenient new online training program for adults on protecting children from harm. The training builds awareness of how to recognize and report physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, and child sexual abuse. Safe and Sacred replaces the Virtus program and offers broader content and easier access to training.

The training is available in English and Spanish 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at it takes about 45 minutes to complete and can be done in parts. As of August 1, 2013, all new clergy, employees, and volunteers who have contact with children must complete the Safe and Sacred program before beginning ministry, work, or volunteer service. Current clergy, employees, and volunteers will re-certify starting in January 2014.

More Details, click your status…NEW Clergy, Employee or VolunteerCURRENT Clergy, Employee or Volunteer

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